Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mid-March, I am headed back to the Caribbean Celebrity Cruise style ..... a 7 day trip that will be squeezed between divisional meetings in Tampa and an artist training in LA. I will be gone from home a total of 17 consecutive days.

[image yanked from DailyCandy]

Upon arrival to San Juan, I anticipate shopping, and delish vegan puerto rican food (does it exist... COULD it exist??) Due to the fact that I am boarding a CRUISE SHIP and can not stay in Puerto Rico (for very long) and PLAY, I will am thoroughly disappointed in missing an opportunity to swim amongst the jellyfish in the BioBay at midnight.

Maho Bay is located at the Southwest shore of St. Maarten and has a feeling similar to that of the Las Vegas Strip. The beach sits on the southern end of the airport runway and warns that "Low Flying and Departing Aircraft may cause injury." Seriously.

In the Dominca, we will put on a wetsuit and helmet... and prepare ourselves for rapelling through waterfalls, scrambling over logs jams, and wading through rivers and pools Extreme Dominca Style.

Nestled between the exotic and magnificent tropical rainforest, flora, fauna and history of the Balthazar Estate, Grenada offers a river tubing experience that is sure to be the "thrill of a lifetime." While aboard a glass-bottomed boat, I will be sure to check out the underwater sculptures.

In Tobago, how do you choose between beachin' at heavenly Castara Bay or snorkeling in the Nylon Pool which is an off-shore sandbar, a swimming pool in the middle of the ocean?

I have passed up the opportunity for surfing lessons one too many times, In Barbados, I will not pass up the opportunity to ride the waves.


Cheryl said...

Very nice! I'm jealous.

peacesign.indexdown said...

I LOVE the Caribbean. You will have the best time! The cruise sounds stylish ; )