Friday, October 3, 2008

If this is where the Rich People hang.... then where do the poor people go?

I never did publicize the fact that I spent last week in the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas. The poor girl got lucky to take a trip to the VI where the rich people hang. In fact, I stayed in a vacation home of a rich person.

In a land of clear blue skies, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and stray cats galore... I had an experience that can not be described in words... or in pictures for that matter - it is an experience that needs to be experienced!

Favorite Beach: Magens Bay

Favorite Restaurant: Mafolie

Favorite Cocktail: Bushwacker

Animals Spotted: Donkey, Iguana, Roosters

Favorite Souvenir: The menu from the Ritz Carlton

Deplaned: Just like the president

Passport: Stamped

Occupation: Full Time Barbie

Recycling Cost: 1 bag =175$/ month (whoa!)

I understand that I am nothing short of lucky to travel as much as I do.

GirlFriend<---this girl has gone about it in all the wrong ways!

Menacing to come home to an e-mail from my little bro that reads like this:
"hey sis wuts been up. hows life and all that. I'm fine for the most part,
hangin on like a hubcap in the fast lane. still lookin for a new job with lil
succes, but thats how it is these days.holla back "

life happens.

.....although interesting enough, i noticed at least 3 or 4 native islanders wearing shirts & hats that read "life is good"....

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So@24 said...

The poor people go to my neighborhood at night.

Korea Town, baby!