Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting Over @ 26 - Take 4

NOTE: I entered my 26th year more aware of my health and well being than I had ever been in 25 years. Because I started a new life then, and continue new beginings, I thought I would share this post that was originally written on 9.23.08 just after my 26th birthday party... in a different blog that no longer exists. enjoy :)

In an attempt to have a vegan birthday party (with 100% carniverous attendance), I refused to supply meats and non-foods to my friends. This also meant I, and I alone prepared all of the food.
I made Fruit Sushi Roll-Up that consisted of red bell peppers, carrots, mango, pear, and apples wrapped in Nori and drizzled with a fig coco sauce. They were to die for - and a big hit, might I add. The recipe was inspired by the RAW Cookbook - the un-cook book.

I also offered Hummus & Tabouleh. Garlic Hummus topped with Red Onion, and Regular hummus topped with olive tapenade. -Of course served with a variety of pita breads and crackers. I will admit that I offered chocolate covered edamame and a small variety of cheeses served with grapes. eek! -I have extra cheese left-over sitting in my fridge. Trash it?I also offered a black bean dip w Jalapeno chips, marcona almonds, and a variety of wines. No birthday cake. :)

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Cheryl said...

Are you vegan?

Bird* said...

Cheryl - no, I am not 100% vegan, but it is a goal of mine. i lose when i am traveling... which is often. selection is tough in restaurants and hotels..........

insomniaclolita said...

looks good, should give them a try.

Christina said...

Good for you! I know I can't go 100% vegan... But thinking about your health and wanting to stay healthy is the great way to go.

Ellegant said...

That all looks delicious!!

In the spirit of sharing the love, you've got a small award waiting for you :).

Check blog for details.

Bird* said...

Thank you Ellegant for the award :)