Sunday, February 22, 2009


this is the post where i share most of the applications i have downloaded into my iphone. MOST are free, although i did pay a minimal amount of ching for a few of them. my favorites are marked with a ♥ .

BBC Reader - BBC News
♥ NY Times - the New York Times... on the go.
Tribune News - Chicago News
NPR Mobile - NPR. Free. This American Life not included.

Local Picks - by (my fav website for finding estaurants, hotels, vacation destinations) plenty of reviews to read. i'm simply bummed that ONLY restaurants are featured in this app. it would be nice to have access to all of the information on their website.
Where - restaurant, starbucks, movie, zipcar, gas, and concert finder. it's ok. i don't use it much. but, it's free. if i were forced to delete any one app on my phone, this one would be the first to go.
Yelp - online reviews ala kinda cool. free.
Urbanspoon - randomly selects restaurants for you to try based on your criteria. it's ok. it's free.
SitOrSquat - a place to find and record restrooms all throughout the US. find a clean restroom near you. report a dirty restroom.
Metromix - find restaurants, bars, clubs, music, movies in most major cities.
Citysearch - restaurant, hotel, bsalon, shopping reviews. free. it's ok.
♥ BlackBook - insider reviews of the hottest, most fashionable restaurants, bars & clubs, hotels, & shopping worth checking out. includes most major cities. free & beautiful app.
Grub Hub - discover restaurants that deliver. view menus, ratings, and reviews before placing your order. available in four major cities: chicago, san fran, boston, and new york. free & necessary on a lazy sunday.
♥ Veg Out - a vegetarian restuarant guide powered by this app actually categorizes the restaurants in to 3 categories: vegan, vegetarian, and veg friendly.

Facebook - yeah yeah.
Myspace - yeah yeah yeah.
Loopt - i downloaded this app after being invited by a fellow iphone user. share your exact location with friends, and see their exact location. update your status twitter style. you can share your status with verizon, sprint, metro PCS users as well as at&t users. free.
My Snaps - although i have not used this app much as of yet, it seems cool. organize your photos into different collections & catagories. share photos with your friends. also available, celebrity gossip, news, fashion, beauty, etc... free.

♥ Pandora - internet radio that allows you to create your own stations by entering artists or songs that you like. you can create more than one station. free & amazing.
♥ Shazam - this app will listen to any music that is currently playing and instantly tell you what the name of the song and the artist. it's free.

♥ - i shop often so this app come in handy. my wishlists, shopping carts, and payment information are all included in the app. i can purchase any item from my phone, and add items to my wishlist at any time.
Craigsphone - the free version of browse classifieds, or post.. even upload pics to your posting! there are other versions of craigslist for cost, i am satisfied with the free version.
Carries Closet - a la sex & the city, create an online version of your closet. pair items together, create outfits, & accessorize. share with friends. enjoy music from the sex & the city soundtrack while wardrobing. free.

Go Green - go green. get green tips that are saved to your green list. a new green tip every day. free.
♥ Wordbook - not free, but the best dictionary app for ihpone. worth it.
Inspired Ones - inspiring quotes. a new quote every day. free. inspirational.
Who Called - reverse phone lookup utlity. i haven't used it yet.... free.
♥ Google - google anything ala voice search. google while you drive ala voice search! get directions to any destination straight from this app. free.

LIFESTYLE - men's fashion, parties, fashion shows, style file blog, style videos. free.
Yum Yum - vegan recipe book. the blog:
Green...LITE - information from The Green Book ....the everyday guide to saving the planet one simple step at a time. free.

Darkroom - a photo app that will only take pictures when your hand is steady therefore eliminating blurry pics.
Art Camera - turn your photos into a work of art, or just make a funny picture with lots of different vivid photo and art filters. i love it.
Flixster - movie finder. good ish. free.
♥ Backgrounds - this app is free and allows you to download as many backgrounds as your little heart desires. all images are beautiful. there are 40+ categories of pictures. i believe the pics are pulled from
Wi-Fi Finder - need i say more?

obesessed? not quite. missing anything? let me know............

xox bird*


insomniaclolita said...

LOL these are very helpful. Thanks!!:)

Ellegant said...

This is such a great list!! Now I just have to get an iPhone :)!

Thank you for your comment. You're right on how, in the grand scheme of things, one's life really is small. I'll get there, I suppose. It would for sure be a huge step.

Great blog you have here. I look forward to reading more :)!

sam said...

I guess you dont have facebook or somethign else.

Anonymous said...

THANKS!!! this is brillzzz, getting my iPhone as soon as the upgrade gets released here in South Africa - mid June.... ahhhh the wait!

Bird* said...

Ellegant - get an iPhone SOONER than later. it will change your life forever.

Miss Sparkles - when you get the phone, please clue me in on any apps. you find that i do not have. pleeeeease.

Yves said...

dont forget:
Skype, Searchme, and Dog Whistler

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