Sunday, February 15, 2009

just another THURSday...

3:15 am Alarm Sounds
4:00 am Smoothie in hand
4:20 am Pack my laptop/books/notepad into my laptop bag
4:22 am Hop in the car - headed to the airport
4:45 am Arrive at the MSP airport
4:50 am Discover the security line is long. VERY long. with no shortcut for Elite/First Class Passengers
4:55 am I manage to cut t least 50 people in the security line
4:59 am I hurriedly rush through the airport (in heels) in order to make my flight on time
5:00 am I am discovered by a shuttle driver and am basically thrown in to his shuttle as it is moving and am transported to my gate at the other end of the airport
5:06 am In line for a bottle of water and a not-so-organic banana
5:11 am Board plane to ATL
5:40 am With Paris Hilton's Confessions Of An Heiress
8:49 am Via the BBC Newsreader iPhone app., I discover Chicago is in the lead for Olympics 2016
8:59 am Deplane in ATL
9:00 am Rushing through airport in order to catch my connecting flight to TPA
9:19 am Bitched out by some woman sitting in MY seat. she thought she was right. I knew she was wrong.
9:49 am With Paris Hilton's Confessions Of An Heiress
11:04 am Arrive TPA
11:34 am @ Marriot Airport Restaurant meeting with my new (potential) bosses for a final interview
12:30 pm Did my interviewer just order a second plate of food??
1:00 pm Did one of my interviewers just get up in the middle of our conversation to make a trip to the gift shop, only to return with a Valentines Day Gift for his wife?
1:15 PM Giving my interviewer instructions on a DIY Valentine's Day card
1:30 pm Meeting over. On tram back to Delta Gates
2:00 pm plugged in at a station in the business center, I scour for things to do while on cruise in March
4:00 pm Board a plane back to ATL
4:06 pm Plane smells like piss and sweaty socks
4:20 pm With Confession's Of An Heiress
5:45 pm Deplane in ATL
5:50 pm Rush to the opposite end of the airport to catch connecting flight
5:59 pm Just in time for the attendant to not close the aircraft door in my face. last one to board the plane
6:02 pm Seat 39A? Fuck.
6:15 pm I am reminded for the FOURTH time today that my seat cushion doubles as a flotation device
6:20 pm I need to quit my job and become an heiress
6:35 pm With The Secret Life Of Bees movie
7:59 pm Steadily watching every move the plane makes on Delta GPS, counting down the minutes unil I can get off the f'n airplane
8:11 pm Arrive in MSP.
8:23 pm Deplane.
8:40 pm Shuttle to long-term parking, blue ramp, Acura parked in the first row.


insomniaclolita said...

okay thats A LOTT of pressure. :P

Cheryl said...

you're ACTUALLY busy every minute of the day...

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you<3

9:49 am With Paris Hilton's Confessions Of An Heiress <--- Is this a new show??

Bird* said...

Fasion chalet - no, it's a book. an amazing one :)

Susannah said...

So how WAS Confessions of an Heiress? :)