Saturday, February 28, 2009

Upgrade Me.

From: NWA Info
Subject: Elite upgrade notification - upgrade confirmed

Dear Crista :

The status of your complimentary WorldPerks Elite upgrade is as follows:

Flight: NW 438
From: Minneapolis - St Paul, Minnesota
To: Tampa, Florida
Departure Date: February 28, 2009

First Class Upgrade Status: Confirmed

Seat: 04C (Seat changes may be available at

Your complete reservation and flight details are available at If you have further questions, please contact Northwest Airlines.

My condo is spotless (see: full of moving boxes) because the realtor is coming over this weekend to list the property. Crossing my fingers that is sells before April 1st. (Slightly creeped out that people will be in and out of there while I am gone)

I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, long shorts, and K. Cole flats despite the 16 degree weather in MN.

I am full on fresh organic fruit smoothie , NOT looking forward to the meal being served on the plane this afternoon. (see: CREEPY)

Just got word: Possible skydiving activities on my trip. I hope I packed a pair of appropriate shoes.

All of the fresh food in my refrigerator was gifted to a friend this morning. I can not stand to see fresh, organic, pricey food go to waste.

Praying to baby jesus, teenager jesus, AND grown-up jesus that MN will be snow-less upon my return.

That's all.

She Gone.


insomniaclolita said...

have a nice trip!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! Hope thngs are looking up for you!

fluxlife said...

way to rock the floppies at 16F! you're the shahiznit!

have the awesomest trip of amazingness!

and have a safe flight!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Anonymous said...

happy trip! and tnx for dropping by my blog at fresh scoops!

Bird* said...

THANKS all!!

Christina said...

Wow, where exactly are you going??

Have a safe trip :)

Airplane food always tasted wierd to me...I always eat their peanuts and have a Sprite/Sierra Mist. Now that I'm older, I tend to drink beer on the plane to ease my nerves.

So@24 said...

Am I the only one who actually kind of gets excited about plane food?