Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Event: Sushi

I have been thinking a lot about Chicago lately. Obviously. I talk about it all day every day. I can't get over it. I get back there as often as I can, and my big goal for '09 is to move back permanently.

While driving through MN up to Fargo 3 days ago, I stopped by the grocery store and got some sushi to-go.

As I was chowing down on the sushi with Chicago on my mind, I started to reflect on just 2 weekends ago when I was in Chicago and met up with one of my BFF's (you would know because she is #1 on my myspace friends list) and her significant other (whom I was meeting for the first time.) Prior to our "date," I was looking for the perfect restaurant to have dinner on a Saturday night. I searched Zagat, TripAdvisor, TimeOut, etc... and I finally came to the decision that we must make it a sushi night!

Now mind you, my BFF is a sushi fanatic. Everyhing I know about the art of eating sushi, I learned from her.
So, I got to thinking and realized that going for Sushi has become almost an event rather than just ...dinner.... The feeling is different when you know you are going for sushi than it is for ...dinner... the energy is even different over a variety of sushi flavors than just... a steak dinner....Going out for sushi is almost like a special treat and I feel, brings you closer to the people that you enjoy it with.

Of course, I have had the same experiences in the twin cities -going out for sushi on a friday night with the girls, or a surprise sushi date with the boys. No matter the time, place, or company... going for sushi never lets you down, always brings a smile to your face, brings you closer to the ones you are with, and keeps you intrigued.

That night in Chicago just 2 weeks ago with two of my favorite people, and their favorite people turned out to be one of the better nights that I have had in a long time. I hope to have many more nights similar to that one. I was literally lost in the moment, every moment of the evening. I forgot there were people surrounding us and focused on the people I was with and the delicious sushi that we all shared.
Cheers to many more!
For those of you that have not gotten in to sushi as of yet, I recommend you become a part of this social event.....

Only 2 more days... World Vegan Day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Road To Nowhere

During my 4 hour trip to Fargo, ND (?!?eek!?) this afternoon (in the new locked & loaded Acura TL)I had a lot of things to think about, and a lot of time to listen to talk radio on XM.

My day began with an attempt to sleep in, due to lack of sleep 2 nights in a row.... then prepping for a salon meeting that quite possibly might be a slight waste of time (due to the amount of time they have allowed me in their salon)... and then dropping the pooch off at the dog sitters AGAIN (I swear my dog is with the sitter more than he is with me eek!.) Then, just as I want to stay home and curl up in bed for the rest of the day/week/month/forever?!?, I begin my trip to North Dakota. Seriously, Who goes THERE??! And seriously, who goes to Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and Cedar Falls, Iowa?!? I do. For work. And I stay for long periods of time. With nothing to do but sit in a hotel room at the Fairfield Inn.

While cruising down the road, focusing on my safety first (trying my hardest not to ram in to the back of a Semi... although I'd rather it be a semi than some Mercedes Benz or something equivalent), I realize that everything I do, every thought that goes through my head, every conversation I have, and everything I see... In my mind, I am constantly thinking up ways that I am going to incorporate those experiences in to my Facebook, Myspace, &/or Blogspot. What is about putting our lives on display that gives us a feeling of recognition, of being noticed? To be honest, I am more comfortable putting some information on display to the world (or whoever chooses to look) via WWW than I am just flat out having conversation about it. Instead of choosing to call my friends and chat about a situation, often times I choose to blog about it instead... and HOPE that my friends and/or SOMEONE is going to stumble across my blog and read my thoughts! I definitely need to know that someone is reading. It's almost as if I feel the need to whore my blog.

Latel, I have been listening to a lot of talk radio on XM. It's all new to me so I am constantly flipping through stations trying to decide which stations are going to be my favorites. I got stuck on POTUS which covers 24 hours of presidential election garb. So, this 8 or 9 year old kid is featured on the station because he is going to be a voting machine for halloween. As he trick-or-treats, he asks that people drop their candy in the bag that represents their presidential candidate of choice. This kid will then count up all of the votes at the end of the night. This kid has a website that is a must see: Then of course I flipped over to the E! Entertainment station and they were chatting about Ms. Palin and what her potential is after she loses the election. Of course, they thought she would make a great replacement for Elizabeth Hasselback on The View. LOL. AND she should keep her SNL gig.

And... I have a situation with my job. My position has become available in Chicago. Of course, I have inquired about moving and snatching up that position because I NEED to get back to Chicago. You can only imagine the things on my mind - where am I gonna live... I need to find a new apartment... when am I going to move... should I not book any more flights out of Minneapolis.... where am I going to park the TL when I move.... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...... so, I have only inquired, the position is not mine yet, and who knows if it ever will. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will make it back to Chicago sooner than later.

So I finally arrive in Moorhead, ND, check-in to the Marriot Courtyard, and find out they offer room service! Score. Now I just hope I will get some good rest tonight.

Uhm.. then AFTER I order my meal (walleye & potatoes) I get a call back from room service that they are out of walleye, and out of creme brulee. No vegetarian options on the menu. Great. I'll be eating lettuce for dinner. And they call traveling.... "luxurious" .....sighs.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barack The Vote

I can't get over this....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amel Larrieux

After reading about another Bloggers experience with Amel Larrieux LIVE, I know he had the same experience I did in a different time, different place. I had to share as well:

With lyrics like this:

"......I can stare, I can memorize your face, your hands, your hair, every part of you. I can cut off any old loose ends and not even wanna keep a few I can hear a million angels singing in my ears I can speak to you so honestly i can't even run any game....."

and this:"....He's got infinite possibilities I can see them now. It's the unbroken chains of his Past by which he's bound. He's got infinite possibilities I can feel them now.. If he chooses well, then nothing Can tear him down..."

..and an amazing voice, how could you resist escaping in to a state of bliss while listening to Amel Larrieux on stage at a small jazz venue accompanied with a room ful of people that appreciate her music just as much as you do? I have seen Amel Larrieux twice at the same venue, and will be going back for a third time this evening, it never fails - every time I hear the lyrics of "For Real" live it bring tears to my eyes.....

amel larrieux is nothing short of amazing. simply listening to her voice and being a part of her energy, a whole new vibe sweeps over me and keeps me choked up the entire night. she never fails to amaze me with the blogs she posts either. if interested in reading more, visit her myspace web page... good read... very inspiring.... and so interesting that the name of one of her albums is "bravebird" ....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chances are, Crista needs a ride.

I said I would drive this car in to the ground, and it looks as if I have done just that.

Be afraid of Semi's!

I was pretty much attacked by one the other day, and as you can see, I lost the battle. While cruising down the expressway at 70 MPH, I got caught in the "draft" of a semi truck - a gust of wind that sent my car flying away from the truck and then pulled me right back in and slammed me in to his back bumper - thankfully I was at his back bumper and not underneathe his truck! (I am also lucky not to have been smashed by the other cars cruising my way at 70 MPH as my car was spinning across the expressway.)

The Semi driver seemed very familiar with the situation on hand and acted as if it was fairly common.

My car has been paid off for quite some time now, and I was enjoying the freedom of no car payment -I was like a rich person!! BUT, needless to say - it looks as if I will be purchasing another car and paying for it over a span of 3 or 4 or 5 years. great :) !!

If Mr. McDreamy does exist, I am sure he comes in the form of Creme Brulee

Over dessert and a glass of wine at Zeno in Uptown, my mother and I came to the conclusion that if Mr. McDreamy DOES in fact exist, he MUST come in the form of creme brulee. We are convinced that he does not come in the form of a male human being.

So... I admit (anyone who knows me already knows), I have encountere a variety of men in my 26 years, and have heard many great lines. I am not a buyer of bullshit but it seems many men are willing to sell it to me. Here are some of the better lines that have been thrown my way in the last year:

"If my friends were to look at our relationship, they would think it looks too much like a relationship... so we are going to have to stop having sex."

"I do remember Mr. Jim Dundee using a Digery Doo! But since it is 08 and all here is my cell number...."

"want to go to Sonic with me???"

"I'm tall, dark, and my mom says I'm handsome."

"I should have talked to you more in high school!!! lol"

"Do you wanna watch a movie this week??? Can you pay for me "

"Remember what you got for sweetest Day? .... Morning Gas!"

"happy birthday. Should I get you something???A Cupcake??Thongs??lol "

"So how do my new sexy pics compare to yours. I think they hold thier own. call me sometime, have not heard from you in while, do you hate me or something."

"Hey what’s up? Just one question? I noticed you read the note I sent the other day, you know it was me just being a gentleman to say hi and acknowledge your beauty.Why no reply or just the word thanks? Is that not what a grown woman would do? Im not tryin to be an ass honestly :) "

"Want me to come over?" (at 11 PM?)

That last line is thrown my way at least once a twice a week. What really makes a guy think that I want him to come to my place, occupy my space, and interrupt my "me" time at 11 PM as I am getting ready for bed? Does he think I am going to stay up all night to entertain him? Does he assume that it is ok to just crash at my place? HEY GUYS - if you feel the need to inquire about coming to visit me at my place at 11 PM weeknights OR weekends, know in advance that the answer is: No Thank You.

If Mrs. McDreamy does exist, I am sure she comes in the form of a mannequin.

Friday, October 3, 2008

If this is where the Rich People hang.... then where do the poor people go?

I never did publicize the fact that I spent last week in the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas. The poor girl got lucky to take a trip to the VI where the rich people hang. In fact, I stayed in a vacation home of a rich person.

In a land of clear blue skies, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and stray cats galore... I had an experience that can not be described in words... or in pictures for that matter - it is an experience that needs to be experienced!

Favorite Beach: Magens Bay

Favorite Restaurant: Mafolie

Favorite Cocktail: Bushwacker

Animals Spotted: Donkey, Iguana, Roosters

Favorite Souvenir: The menu from the Ritz Carlton

Deplaned: Just like the president

Passport: Stamped

Occupation: Full Time Barbie

Recycling Cost: 1 bag =175$/ month (whoa!)

I understand that I am nothing short of lucky to travel as much as I do.

GirlFriend<---this girl has gone about it in all the wrong ways!

Menacing to come home to an e-mail from my little bro that reads like this:
"hey sis wuts been up. hows life and all that. I'm fine for the most part,
hangin on like a hubcap in the fast lane. still lookin for a new job with lil
succes, but thats how it is these days.holla back "

life happens.

.....although interesting enough, i noticed at least 3 or 4 native islanders wearing shirts & hats that read "life is good"....