Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shoes A-Go-Go

In preparation for my 18-day tropical get-away, I have been forced to make one of the hardest decisions of my life:

How many pairs of shoes will the girl attempt to fit into 3 bags (full of an un-godly amount of clothing)???
My prediction was that I would NEED to pack 20 pairs of shoes to get me through 18 days, but somehow or another, I was able to narrow it down to 11 pairs.
Below are Shoes A Go-Go and ....the Rejects.

#1DOLLHOUSE: These sandals come complete with a low heel and a blingin' jewel mirrored and angeled in such a way that they provide a view up my dress... if one is looking hard enough.
#2CHINESE LAUNDRY: My mother passed these strappy silver sandals down to me. They will accompany me to evening dinner.
#3DOLLHOUSE: Due to the fact that high (or low for that matter) heels do not work on soft white sandy beaches and in crystal clear waters... one must come prepared with the Flips.
#4BCBG MAXAZRIA: Silver Flats that whore attention. Comfort & Style uncompromised.

#1KENNETH COLE REACTION: Loafer-style, mahogany flats. World-wide travelers. Within the next 18 days these flats will cruise through: MSP, ATL, TPA, San Juan, and LAX airports. I may also wear these to a meeting in Tampa.
#2CARLOS SANTANA: Red, Strappy, Corked heel. Hottness. Cruise wear. Possibly, meeting-friendly.
#3J CREW: Hawaiian-inspired flips. In rememberance of my trip to Hawaii last June. Chaka!
#4BCBG MAX AZRIA: Jelly egyptian sandals purchased in Wailea, Maui. Does it get any better than these?

#1GUESS: Be-jeweled strappy gold sandals. Evening Wear.
#2CHINESE LAUNDRY: Black strappy sandals. I refuse to wear the same pair of shoes two evenings in a row.
#3XOXO: Pink! Be-jeweled comfy slippers. These go everywhere I go. (there were in Duluth, MN two days ago)


#1GUESS: Again, purchased in Hawaii. These ALMOST made the cruise, BUT I made the decision to NOT wear a little black dress on the cruise. I am going all out tropical colors & patterns. Busy dress + Busy shoes = tryin too hard?
#2BEBE: Chunky wedge? Maybe when I was 19. Give me a spike.
#3RAMPAGE: Again, busy shoes. Made for daytime. Daytime = Beach. Heels + Beach = Do Not Mix
#4BCBG: Closed Toes? Not on this cruise. BUT these do happen to be my most favorite and the most reliable pair of shoes I have ever owned. I have had them for years.........

#1STEVE MADDEN: Chunky Wedge? eh.......
#2GUESS: Silver HIGH heel? Love em, but they didn't make the cut.
#3BCBG: Love this low-heeled strappy sandal, BUT the strappies are becoming fragile. I will not tolerate any mis-haps on this trip.
#4MOSSIMO: Love em. BUT a girl can only carry so many pairs of closed toes shoes to the tropics.

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Anonymous said...

You're spot on! But I would maybe take the wedge in case you feel like being taller... you know sometimes when you wake up and you're like, I feel tall today, but I don't want a heel - you can't go wrong with a wedge, right?? take the Steve Madden wedge, just in case :)