Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last night, we ventured out to Edina for the Ultimate Suburban Experience: Trader Joe's (grocery shopping), Panera Bread (soup, sandwich & green tea), The Gap (argyle socks & the original khaki), AND the Landmark Theater (Now Playing: The Secret Life Of Bees).

Oddly enough, it was a great way to spend a Friday night.

As we were sitting at Panaera Bread we made a mutual decision: We needed to purchase a few bottles of water to smuggle in to the movie theater. This is especially crucial because much of our movie theater experience evolves around artificially flavored popcorn (artificial flavors include White Cheddar, Jalapeno, and the occasional Parmesan & Garlic)

After Dinner we went straight to the mall (The Gap.) As we were exiting the mall, we found a vending machine full of Dasani water. I stuck 2 bottles of water in my purse.: Smuggling Plan completed.

We proceeded to the movie theater with a few moments to spare. As we walk from the parking garage to the theater, we notice that the bottle of water in my purse were highly visible. This made HIM nervous.

HE suggested that I zip up my purse, and I non-chalantly blew him off because I was not worried about anyone noticing. Even if someone were to notice, I felt that it was no big deal - that they wouldn't even pay attention to the water in my purse! I have smuggled plenty of food/drink items in to movie theaters over a period of 10-12 years.


ME: "It's not a big deal!"

HIM: "Crista, really, Zip It Up!"

ME: "I'll do it when I get inside."

As HE purchased our tickets, I did not bother to zip up my purse, as promised. As he purchased the popcorn, I STILL did not bother to zip up my purse. In fact, I boldly placed my purse on the concession counter flaunting the 2 bottles of water in my purse to the cashier.

HIM: (disgusted at my boldness) "GET.. WHAT.. THE.. PUT THAT DOWN!!"

ME: (foolish grin on face) "Sorry" wink wink

Although, the bottles of water were spotted in my purse, they were never questioned. The common rule at movie theaters: Outside food/drink is Prohibited, did not apply to me.



Apparently my experience and HIS experience with movie-going has been slightly different. Me, being a white female, have always felt comfortable carrying food/drink items in to the theater and have never been asked not to do so. HE, being a man, has had the rules more strictly enforced.

This lack of consistency with the enforcement of rules extends beyond the movie theater. White females tend to be the least threatening members of society. There is a lack of fear they possess due to the continuous free passes they are handed. The small free passes may seem insignificant at times, but the resulting boldness/fearlessness/confidence that white females possess is profoundly different from the learned behavior of minority women and men to strictly follow the rules.

Although being a white female has it's advantages, there are certain arenas where being perceived as the least threatening member of society has it's disadvantages.

3 Words: Hillary Rodham Clinton

We want our US President to be strong, and confident, therefore any presidential candidate that has the additional baggage as being perceived as the least threatening member of society (white woman) has a huge obstacle to overcome. The one thing this alleged non-threatening candidate is prohibited from doing is to show signs of emotional weakness. Emotional weakness (crying) reinforces the sterotypical pereption of women.

Hillary Clinton cried as she began to lose momentum in the race against Obama. She showed vulnerability, frustration, and weakness. It was soon stated in NewsWeek that "anyone who needed to carry Kleenex in her purse was unfit for the highest office in the land."

In contrast, Sarah Palin has overcome this additional baggage of being perceived as the least threatening member of society by creating the image of being a Pit Bull in liptick. She is tougher than tough. Her boobs are made of stone. She has taken all of her feminine qualities and has used them to her advantage by flirtatiously manipulating men to gain an edge. She is a true feminist. BURN YOUR BRAS WOMEN! !

In closing, I will admit there is no END to this discussion or thought process. Please note that this is one person's perception. It was thought about, discussed, and then BLOGGED. Please feel free to add to the discussion.

*I thank HIM for:

A. Suggesting that I write this blog

B. For making his opinions/POV's available for this blog.


Bird * said...

Comment that I received via e-mail: I wouldnt care either if it water. I often bring a cheeseburger.

sam said...

LOL. I like cheeseburger.

Hazel said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! i've been catching up on yours tonight and i like it!

oh, and i do the same thing at movie theaters (bring my own food and water) nobody has ever said anything!

Phil Marx said...

My niece and I were driving around once when she told me to pull into a Walgeen's. I asked her what she was going to get and she answered that she just needed to use the restroom. I laughed, telling her that Walgreen's doesn't have restrooms (at least public ones).

So against my advice she went in, asked to use the restroom, and was escorted into the back room where it was at.

So I was wrong, but I'll bet money if a guy (black or white) had asked the cashier at a Walgeen's where the restroom was the answer would have simply been "Sorry, we don't have a public restroom."

Women (and probably white women more so) do sometimes enjoy certain perks, and I think you're right that a lot of that is due to their perceived harmlessness.

And as far as female politicians go, I think the image of the "weak" woman was shattered for me when Madeleine Albright became Secretary of State. That was one tough looking bitch. :)

Susan G said...

The Ultimate Suburban Experience sounds pretty fun!

It is gross that Wisconsin still allows smoking in bars, but they also allow open containers in the street (at least they did when I lived there 15 years ago!)

So@24 said...

You got rid of your picture and replaced them with shoes???


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

That's a good point. As long as we continue to take advantage of that privilege, we have to understand what comes with it... being seen as non-threatening and less significant. Although I definitely don't think a smuggled bottle of water is a big deal, it is a major pet peeve of mine when women use their attractiveness to get away with something that other people could not get away with. Some women seem to do it just to prove they can, as a confidence booster. I try to never do that.

J.R. LeMar said...

You mentioned Sen. Clinton's crying incident. But you forget, she was set to lose the NH primary, but when she won, many political pundits attributed it to the fact that she finally showed some emotion. What would've seemed "weak" in a male candidate, actually worked to her advantage.

That the she toughened up again after that, and never let her guard down for the rest of the campaign, may be one of the reasons why she ultimately lost.