Thursday, November 13, 2008

THAT just happened.

Wow. I could not help but to share this e-mail that I just received in my Myspace e-mail inbox:

Wow, you are gorgeous! Say you're wanting to be spoiled
and you like older guys. I'm a good person and have a great paying career :)
Really, I'd break my neck to give you the world ;)
Have a great day!

To keep confusion down, I do not know this person or where he would find the information that I need $$ and older guys. BUT, Sounds he's got a great plan for me and will ride out do or die. It is not tempting, in fact is IS creepy. Did he really just say that? Is this why I remain single? Does this prove what I say about love? I should forward his contact information to HER



Phil Marx said...

Hey, why don't these people ever proposition me? I'm still single, and I still need money. Do you perhaps know if he has a rich sister? She needs to be really old for this to work though as I am already old myself. Heck, I might even consider changing my sexual orientation if he's rich enough (or at least very cute.)

Bird * said...

You are Right. I will find out if he has a rich sister.... one that is very old. I am willing to spread the wealth. And if not, define.... "cute." I have a picture of him.

Phil Marx said...

Okay, I would define a cute guy as having the face of Brad Pitt (before he stopped shaving), the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the wit of Bugs Bunny and the charm of Will Smith.

Wait, I looked in the mirror and realized that I've just described myself. Now, if only I was rich, then I would truely be a perfect match for myself.