Saturday, November 8, 2008

gossip girl

Again, I am on the road in Beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I only know that it is beautiful because other people have clued me in - I get stuck in the hotel for 6 days without seeing the light of day. I don't even know what part of the state I am in!! In the short time that I have been here this weekend I have re-learned a few things about people... and living...:

  • Nothing positive comes of making facebook friends out of your coworkers.
  • When people are jealous, they lie.
  • Alcohol draws the bold words out of peoples mouths that they have been dying to say all along.
  • Just because you are happy in life does not mean people will be happy for you or with you.

It is my first time in a few months that I have been in the presence of my coworkers. When we get together, we work and party, update our life stories, share the 411, and spread gossip. My coworkers- the ones that I work closely with... all happen to be women. Women that THRIVE on gossip. It just so happens that the latest rumor being spread happens to be about ME. The rumor spread from a picture or two they found on facebook. What I have figured out is that this rumor is spreading quickly, and everyone is looking for evidence to confirm this rumor. OF COURSE, they have all gone to each other seeking evidence, but not one of them has come directly to me for the simple truth.

(This year, the marketing department for the company I work for decided to create a Facebook Page for the company to attract new consumers. Along with that, many of my coworkers have joined the site. A large portion of my friends list consists of coworkers - up until last night)

Honestly, I underestimated the interest that my coworkers have in my facebook page. Apparently, everyone (coworkers) checks it out fairly regularly.


Wisconsin is a state that still allows smoking in bars. Gross. I frequent bars and restaurants in cities like Minneapolis and Chicago that do not allow smoking in public places. I almost forgot what it was like to be smacked in the face with a cloud of smoke as you walk in to a bar. I am pretty sure I got the lung cancer last night. Need Detox. I was hung over all day - not from drinking but from the inhalation of secondhand smoke. Blah. SO... needless to say, the bar did not see me tonight. In room... with SNL.

*photo yanked from Daily Candy

xox Crista


Phil Marx said...

"Just because you are happy in life does not mean people will be happy for you or with you."

True, but this is how you find out who your true friends are.

By the way, I just absolutely hate gossip, and I never engage in it. But I am just dying to know - what are they saying about you? Oh, please tell me all the details. - LOL

Bird * said...

Phil... it's dirty... has to do with ...boys. nude photos. and sex. :) .....but really it's not that crucial. just interesting that so many people have q's about what I do on a daily basis and who I do it with.

They ask everyone BUT me (not that it is any of their business in the first place) and you should hear what the rumor turns out to be!! LOL It's comedy. I kind of enjoy it.

BECAUSE these are people that I do not respect, I do not try to get the truth to them. I allow them to continue wondering. Forever. I will never confirm/deny anything. Their mind will f**k with them forever.

When I come face to face with them, I know that they have been speaking rumors of me, but they do not know I know. I lead them like little puppy rottweilers on an f'n leash.

peace in the mid WEST.