Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i got out of bed for... THIS?

My job could often times be compared to a bad joke.

Often times, I am placed in front of groups of people, ready and willing to help them earn a better living and live a better life. Unfortunatley, most of these people would prefer to stay wrapped in a broken misery. Most of the time, I care more about their personal growth and success than they do.

Yesterday, I was placed in front of a group of *special* people. Here is what I mean by *special* During my presentation they:

  • wanted to know my ethnicity (they screamed the question... rudely)

  • laid their heads on a table and slept - apologized later.

  • chomped on Jimmy John's Sandwich & pickle

  • made the announcement that they had no idea that I was coming to present to them and had no idea what I would be presenting. they could have cared less whether i was there or not.

Although this may not sound extreme, a group of professionals that are interested in growing their education & successes would not have acted this way.

So, yesterday, this little situation happened to about 6 or 7 of my coworkers and myself. It is called "mis-communication." This mis-communication caused my boss to call me on the phone, scream at me, threaten my job with his company, and hang up on me. Of course, he blamed the situation on me, and believe it or not, the situation was not my fault at all (victimizing myself.) I was looking for solutions to the problem we encountered. I offered solutions to the problem and no one could seem to agree on the same solution. I never did understand why 6 people needed to be a part of the situation in the first place OR why it was so hard to get respondence from all parties involved.

The outcome of the whole situation ended with me in front of a small group of people that could have cared less about their careers, let alone the positive message that I had to pass along to them.

By the end of the day, I was reassured that I should not fear losing my job - Not that I ever DID fear it.

BUT the whole situation left a bitter taste in my mouth. Did I deserve to be screamed at and hung up? AND told that my side of the story will never be heard? You would think that your employer (who is an ADULT) would have enough respect to hear all sides of the story prior to BLOWING UP. As an employee, I do not feel valued. I do not feel that my opinion matters. I do not feel that my employer has my back and and looks out for my best interest. I do not feel that my employer is willing to GROW ME as his employee .....although I have shown loyalty to his distributorship.


Today, on the other hand, I realized that there ARE people that respect me, value my opinion, hang on to the words that I say, and understand that I work with them to help them grow their business.

I was in front of two different groups of people today that look forward to seeing me in their salons. They thank me every time I come in. They hang on to every word I say. The ideas/systems/techniques that I provide are immediately put in to action. In return, they are experiencing growth within their business.

These are the people that I enjoy working with. Working with these people allows me to be productive within my job. So why is it that Big Boss Daddy can't see this and continuously kicks and screams about me working with nobodys that will always fail miserably in life??

It feels good to be respected and appreciated, and I am now facing a the point in my career that I will seek out an employer that RESPECTS and APPRECIATES the work that I do.

On another note, I got on the phone with a long time friend of mine tonight. He called to give me an update on his not-so-great relationship. He made the statement that although I am so far away from him right now, he still considers me one of his best friend. *smiles*

Tomorrow, I will not be getting out of bed.

*image yanked from Daily Candy


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