Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lipstick & the City

I decided to venture out of the house today and treat the pooch to a nice afternoon at the dog park. Although it is cold outside, it was not unbearable... and the pooch has been slightly anxious to get out of the house ( I know this because he whines at me CONSTANTLY.)

Little did I know, the pooch (who was wearing the cutest little black jacket) would become the center of attention at the dog park.

When we visit the dog park (frequently in the spring/summer) we typically go to the park for big dogs, not small dogs ALTHOUGH my dog is only 11 lbs. He enjoys the big dogs, and gets himself in to less trouble. He gets waaaay too excited around the other small dogs.
Today, after roaming around by himself for quite some time, he found a gorgeous lassie-looking dog (50-75 lbs) to focus all of his attention on. Lassie was laying down chewing on a stick, when my pooch decided to take the opportunity to get behind Lassie and mount her. Lassie didn't even notice, but EVERYONE ELSE in the dog park did. There was one point in time that 3-4 people had their camera phones out not just taking pictures - but recording the dominatrix (a.k.a my pooch) in hump-mode. It WAS quite the site. Quite embarassing. The pooch has a reputation of being "romantic" but has also been referred to as Duece Bigalow.....

Eventually, I had to pull my dog off of Lassie and carry him out of the park. He is currently sprawled out on the couch with all 4 legs in the air. Relaxing after his big super-star day at the dog park.

On the lighter side of dog talk I got an e-mail from my grandparents and read this: "...We took Hunter (their dog) to the Mall yesterday in his stroller. He really enjoys that...."


(((change of subject)))

In less than 24 hours, my dreams of celebrating Hannukah this year have been shattered.

I was not aware that Hannukah is one of the best known holidays simply because of it's proximity to Christmas, It has become part of "The Holidays." Hannukah is often referred to as the "Jewish Christmas" and has adopted many of the Christmas traditions such as gift giving and elaborate decorating - although this is not traditional for the jews. Basic tradition is the lighting of the candles, spinning a dreidle, and eating fried food. Not much for celebrating.

SO I am back to celebrating the Holidays just like the Christians do, just like I did growing up. Santa Clause, Reindeer, and GIFTS... oh... and baby jesus!

To begin my holiday celebration I am going to create a Christmas list. (don't make me get out the JCPenny catalog)
My Official 2008 Christmas List:
  • a remote car starter
  • The Little Mermaid II
  • A new mobile phone (anything but a blackberry. must have GPS)
  • a gift certificate to MAC
  • a new bed frame
  • a blingin watch (I am ALWAYS looking for a watch that outblings my current one)
  • a filing cabinet from West Elm
  • book shelves from West Elm
  • for my (new) car to be fixed because someone backed in to it last night!! GC to the auto body shop?
  • OR a vacation home in Bora Bora ((drool))

xox bird

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So@24 said...

Little Mermaid 2???

I'm going to pretend I didn't read that.

Digging the new pic, girl!