Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i heart amazon.com. i fully understood that feeling shortly after the purchase of my iPhone. the amazon app. was one of the first to be downloaded in to my phone.

i have an obsession with books. amazon allows me an oversized wishlist full of books, dvd's, and an occasional handbag or iPhone accessory. the iPhone allows me to add items to my wishlist all day every day (via the app.)

i will not fail to mention that i am a habitual list-maker.

despite the many amazon purchases that i make on a monthly basis, the list keeps growing.

for my own entertainment (not necessarily yours), i blog my amazon.com wishlist (as of Jan. 06, 2009 12:06 PM - by the time I have completed this blog entry, there is a major possibility that more items will have been added to the wishlist):

  • Flipping The Switch...: Unleash The Power of Personal Accountability using the QBQ by John G. Miller

  • Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race & Inheritance by Barack Obama

  • Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, 1900-1990 by Emma Baxter Wright

  • New York Look Book: A Gallery Of Street Fashion by Amy Larocca

  • Street: The Nylon Book of Global Style by Editors Of Nylon Magazine

  • Haircutting for Dummies by J. Elaine Spear

  • Real City New York City (REAL CITY GUIDES) by DK Publishing

  • Real City Chicago (REAL CITY GUIDES) by DK Publishing

  • Dreamgirls DVD

  • Beverly Hills Cop (Special Collector's Edition) DVD

  • Naked Ambition: An R-rated Look at an X-rated Industry by Dave Navarro & Larry Flynt

  • Toilets of the World by Morna E. Gregory

  • Monday Morning Choices: 12 Powerful Ways to Go from Everyday to Extraordinary by David Cottrell

  • Covert Persuasion: Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game by Kevin Hogan & James Speakman

  • Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read by Scott McNulty

  • The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson

  • Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde

  • Sex and the City - The Movie (Special Edition) DVD

  • The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

  • Transsiberian DVD

  • Junior Drake Zip Wallet -Denim*

  • The iPhone Book: How to Do the Most Important, Useful & Fun Stuff with Your iPhone, 2nd Edition by Scott Kelby

  • Hair Heroes byMichael Gordon

  • Daily Candy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life by Editors of DailyCandy

  • The DailyCandy Lexicon: Words That Don't Exist But Should by Editors of Daily Candy

  • Fictionary: Words That Don't Exist But Should by Editors of DailyCandy

  • Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, 1900-1990 by Emma Baxter Wright


naturally, all books on my "to read:" list have been put on hold until the Twilight Saga has been fully completed.

told you it was completely ridiculous and out of control.

i can feel you judging me based on the information that i have just revealed.


Liam said...

* Got Obama's book from the library.. I rarely buy books anymore.

* Saw SatC on pay-per-view... Don't judge me... the grip on my man card is fragile as it is.

* The Daily Candy books remind me of Sniglets...

sam said...

I dont like amazon they suck. I never buy online. Its a bunch of useless items. Iphones are now on sale at Walmart. But not much cheaper. I'll just get a blackberry.

J.R. LeMar said...

I order from Amazon a lot, too.

Rachel said...

I've managed to avoid Twilight, although my interest is definitely peaked.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Amazon MP3 has ridiculous deals all the time. I like to support local record stores when I can, but $1.99 for an amazing album is realllllly hard to pass up.