Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crista Takes On The Minne City


No doubt, I am an avid consumer of material goods.

The Mall Of America (MOA):

  • is the second largest enclosed mall in terms of retail space but is largest in terms of total enclosed floor area
  • has a gross area of 4.2 million sq ft., with 2.5 million sq ft. available as retail space
  • over 520 stores are arranged along three levels of pedestrian walkways on the sides of the rectangle, with a fourth level on one side
  • opened in 1992, the mall received 40 million visitors in 2006

All that being said, you would think that one would be beside themselves to reside downtown Minneapolis, within 10 miles of this absurdly gigantic shopping center.

In view of the Redken Symposium happening this weekend, and a lack of spare time, I found it necessary to take a quick shopping trip to the MOA* – in search of a few swank & voguish pieces/accessories to wear.

After all, RS09 is THE place to be noticed, being that there will be 10,000** hairdressers in attendance. I am unwilling to show up unrehearsed and ill-considered, providing a perception of the mid-western Minnesota girl that is flourishing within me.

*Options for shopping in the Twin Cities:

  • Mall Of America - the LARGEST selection of shopping
  • downtown Minneapolis -which includes Macy’s, Off Saks, and Banana Republic
  • the Premium Outlet Mall in Albertville -Puma, Banana Republic, BCBG, K. Cole
  • Southdale/Edina that provides the option of Len Druskin.
  • TJ Maxx
  • OR Buffalo Exchange (the Minneapolis edition)

Plenty of money in hand (OK, daddy’s credit card that I am responsible for paying), I was ready to purchase any and every voguish item that caught my eye.

After hitting Bloomingdales, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, AND Forever 21 – using ALL of my resources @ MOA- I walked out of the mall empty-handed, forced to head back home to my closet full of yesterdays clothing.

(There was NO DOUBT at the very least, I would find a few disposable, on-trend items at Forever 21. WTF )

I went ahead and packed every piece of yesterdays clothing I own, and will make do.

**give or take a few thousand – we’re in a recession.

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