Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Although nothing is official, I am 100% sure I am moving back to Chicago before the summer hits. Just in time to enjoy the lake ....

It is impossible to forecast what my exact moving date will be, as dates are being thrown around between all of the people who have control over my life - Big Boss Daddy # 1 & Big Boss Daddy #2 & Big Boss Momma 1 & 2... seriously, there are that many people in control of my life.
In order to show enthusiasm (uh...) about my return to the Chi... I received this note (via facebook):

Hey, good to hear back from you. Thta's cool that you're in the CHI. Great time to be here..... What kinda job are you looking to get here? Tired of the minnie city? It would be nice to have you back in the CHI even though I'm sure I wouldn't see you. How's BJ* doin? Tiger** is doing great...he's really grown up and maturing. He'll be in 5th grade next year! :)-K

*BJ is the pooch. my pooch
** Tiger is the cat. HIS cat.

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benediction said...

Lucky girl - you get to move! :)
Good luck.