Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm going down.

i just spent the last half an hour attempting to de-frost my freezer with a blow dryer.

i spent the last two days driving to Iowa* and driving back home from Iowa. in a snow blizzard.

i have spent the last 3 days with my freezer hanging open, hoping that it would thaw it.

i came home to an open, frozen freezer after being in Iowa for 24 hours.

i experienced two mondays this week. sunday was monday and monday was monday.... and it is still monday.

tuesday means that i am obligated to drive to Duluth**. wednesday means that i will still be in duluth.

forget getting off of work at 5 and going home to the fresh food that is spoiling in my fridge, the pooch, or the boyfriend. this week, i have no time for a personal life.

friday means that i fly to Vegas. for the biggest Redken event on this planet. i should be excited. but instead, i am exhausted.
i just spilled a bottle of water all over my bed. the bed that i so badly want to cuddle up in and cry myself to sleep.

and it is still monday.
*No Man's Land
**No Man's Land

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sam said...

and make sure you do your chores.