Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why Crista From The Block you ask?

I have held the name Crista From The Block* in my title page on myspace for years! The title is more appropriate than you will ever know. To HELP you better understand (you will never understand in full - so stop trying!!) I thought I would share a few random facts about myself. Here it goes:

1. I live in a predominently Somalian neighborhood.
2. I probably understand YOUR religion better than you do.
3. I am herbivore. Former Carnivore.
4. I am very rarely spotted without a bottle of water in hand.
5. I typically date guys older than myself. Often times, more than just a "few" years older.
6. I heart Bar Louie.
7. I collect restaurant menus.
8. I crossed the 35W bridge approximately 30-45 minutes before it collapsed.
9. I go to a salon (non-Redken) for waxing services often.
10. I have cabbie friends. Zen, my fav cabbie, is local in Minneapolis. I do consider him a friend of mine, and pretty much a personal chauffeur to me and all of my friends.
11. I refuse to wear diamonds.
12. I almost qualify for Northwest Airlines Elite Status.
13. I heart thrift stores, my favorite one being Buffalo Exchange. Also,,, and of course Ebay.
14. I sleep with a fan on every single night.
15. I prefer to live alone.
16. At one time, I thought I was an aunt.... come to find out... my brother is no baby daddy!
17. I can remember the first time I fell in love. It was with a guy whom I found out (10 years later) is actually a chick. Her & I are BFF now.
18. My dog barfs frequently.
19. I will only purchase a new watch when I find one that out-blings my current watch. I pretty much wear a watch every day.
20. I have a lot of respect for people that can make sushi. I want to learn the art of sushi-making one day.
21. Last summer, I was riding the bus to the bar every Friday night.
22. I have some untold stories about this one time... in YBOR city...
23. I frequent more gay bars than straight bars.
24. I am determined to own a Mercedes truck. Soon.
25. I stayed at the Graves 601 Hotel the same time Barack OBama was staying there.
26. I am addicted to a Bioelements product called Kerafole.
27. I am a list-maker. I make a lot of lists.
28. I heart Forever 21 in Soho.
29. I am not a big fan of the holidays, due to the fact that I am not associated with any religion.
30. I make fruit smoothies on a daily basis.
31. I just discovered Almond, Hemp, & Hazlenut milk. YUUM!
32. I refuse my toe nail polish to look anything less than perfect.
33. My favorite type of bottled water is Fiji. and Sam's Choice.
34. I am Libra, often mistaken as a Virgo.
35. I am lipgloss whore.

This is Crista From The Block in her pure & simple form :) more later... Peace, Love, & Unicorns

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Phil Marx said...

1. I live in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, but I once had four room-mates here who were from three different countries.

2. You can understand religion? - I’m impressed!

3. MUST HAVE MEAT! Although I did work in a meat processing plan for a few months many years ago, and that experience came close to changing my mind.

5. I am a few years older than a few years older than a few years older than you. In other words, I am so old that I wouldn’t even consider asking you out on a date. And if you asked me, I’d be looking around for the hidden cameras. But hey, blogging is ageless, and non-committal.

9. At first glance, I thought you said "I go to a saloon (non-redneck)..." I think it was only the part about waxing that made me read it again. Glad to know you don't have anything against rednecks!

11. I refuse to wear any jewelry.

18. My cat used to have this problem. Maybe we can hook them up on a date together since they have so much in common.

19. See number eleven.

23. I very rarely go to gay bars, but several months ago I went to one for business purposes. I knew two people there (a patron and the bartender).

27. I prefer to steal other’s lists and expand upon them.

34. I am Sagittarius, often mistaken as mentally insane.


A. I was once elected Vice-President of my College International Student’s Organization.

B. I have met people from over forty-five different countries while living here in little old Fort Wayne, Indiana.

C. I once ran for United States Congress.

D. I can look at an unlabeled map of the world and name nearly every country on it.

E. I once bought a house for less than $3,000.

F. I have found that some of the same things that Canadians have told me they like about my country are the same things that I like about their country.

G. I have discovered that the average Canadian is much calmer than the average American (and the Canadians seem to agree with me on this.)

H. I find it odd that Canadians get mad when I refer to myself as an American, yet that is how they frequently refer to me.

I. On several occasions, I have done things that should have gotten me killed.

J. I hate mustard and mayonnaise.

K. I love to play black-jack at casinos.

L. I drink whiskey, and brandy - but not nearly as much as I used to.

M. I once accidently started a fire inside the Sears Tower in Chicago.

N. While visiting Israel as a child, I nearly sparked a riot inside the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept.

O. When I look over this list, I realize that the later part of number thirty-four above may be far more accurate than I would like to admit.