Sunday, September 21, 2008

RE: hey

Fairly recently, I received a message from a someone you may be familiar with. This guy (whose name I will not mention) plays in the NBA for the Bulls. I actually know of a few chicks that have hung-out / dated him. In the conversation (below) we have had (via myspace e-mail) he states that we do not know each other - but I know much more about him than he realizes. I have no interest in dating him or getting to know him better, but am willing to discover why he initially sent me an e-mail message and what his goal may be.

Him: hello beautiful, how are you?
Me: i'm great. how are you?
Him: im good. we dont really know each other so i thought i would say hi and get to know each other better. if thats ok with you? how you like it n minnesota
Me: sure... minnesota is OK, but i'm a chicago girl at heart... i'm in the city this weekend. i travel often so i'm not in minnesota much. :) but it's COLD there
Him: lol it is cold in minnesota,, damn i wish i was in the city this weekend we coulda chilled. im in london right now, will be back to chicago on the 25th... when are you coming back to chicago? do u go a lot
Me: Well if you WERE in the city I doubt we would have gotten together, as my hands are tied with others. I do come back to Chicago often, quite ofter for work. I will be back in Oct, again my hands will be tied. Enjoy london!

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