Sunday, September 14, 2008

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I was interviewed, and published. Check out this link:

Springy styles: matte or metallic
Here's what to look for in spring and summer hairstyles this year, one style maven says:

Matte finishes
Metallic colors
Volume around the sides of the head
The return of the ponytail

That's the report from Crista Lash, a Redken artistic educator in Minneapolis, Minn. She details trends for the seasons ahead:

Matte finishes. "We're seeing more matte trends on the runway, as opposed to brilliant, shiny hairdos, " Lash said. "A roughed-up texture . . . lived-in looks with second-day sexiness." Not for women only, either: "With men, it's chunky separation, oversized pieces and a matte finish."

Metallic colors. Mirroring the appearance of trendy fashion accessories, Redken's edgy Metallic Glam color line adds silvery highlights. Not shiny, though: "Like a
metallic fabric, there's a sheen or a shimmery reflection," Lash said.

Volume. "Volume is definitely huge this spring and summer," Lash said. "Instead of adding height up front, hair is lifted at the nape and crown and teased at the sides."

Ponytails. They're back, Lash said. Some are sleek, while others are less structured – "as if you had pulled your hair back very simply, messy and loose like a young girl who has played outside all day."

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