Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Road To Nowhere

During my 4 hour trip to Fargo, ND (?!?eek!?) this afternoon (in the new locked & loaded Acura TL)I had a lot of things to think about, and a lot of time to listen to talk radio on XM.

My day began with an attempt to sleep in, due to lack of sleep 2 nights in a row.... then prepping for a salon meeting that quite possibly might be a slight waste of time (due to the amount of time they have allowed me in their salon)... and then dropping the pooch off at the dog sitters AGAIN (I swear my dog is with the sitter more than he is with me eek!.) Then, just as I want to stay home and curl up in bed for the rest of the day/week/month/forever?!?, I begin my trip to North Dakota. Seriously, Who goes THERE??! And seriously, who goes to Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and Cedar Falls, Iowa?!? I do. For work. And I stay for long periods of time. With nothing to do but sit in a hotel room at the Fairfield Inn.

While cruising down the road, focusing on my safety first (trying my hardest not to ram in to the back of a Semi... although I'd rather it be a semi than some Mercedes Benz or something equivalent), I realize that everything I do, every thought that goes through my head, every conversation I have, and everything I see... In my mind, I am constantly thinking up ways that I am going to incorporate those experiences in to my Facebook, Myspace, &/or Blogspot. What is about putting our lives on display that gives us a feeling of recognition, of being noticed? To be honest, I am more comfortable putting some information on display to the world (or whoever chooses to look) via WWW than I am just flat out having conversation about it. Instead of choosing to call my friends and chat about a situation, often times I choose to blog about it instead... and HOPE that my friends and/or SOMEONE is going to stumble across my blog and read my thoughts! I definitely need to know that someone is reading. It's almost as if I feel the need to whore my blog.

Latel, I have been listening to a lot of talk radio on XM. It's all new to me so I am constantly flipping through stations trying to decide which stations are going to be my favorites. I got stuck on POTUS which covers 24 hours of presidential election garb. So, this 8 or 9 year old kid is featured on the station because he is going to be a voting machine for halloween. As he trick-or-treats, he asks that people drop their candy in the bag that represents their presidential candidate of choice. This kid will then count up all of the votes at the end of the night. This kid has a website that is a must see: http://www.candyvote.com/ Then of course I flipped over to the E! Entertainment station and they were chatting about Ms. Palin and what her potential is after she loses the election. Of course, they thought she would make a great replacement for Elizabeth Hasselback on The View. LOL. AND she should keep her SNL gig.

And... I have a situation with my job. My position has become available in Chicago. Of course, I have inquired about moving and snatching up that position because I NEED to get back to Chicago. You can only imagine the things on my mind - where am I gonna live... I need to find a new apartment... when am I going to move... should I not book any more flights out of Minneapolis.... where am I going to park the TL when I move.... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...... so, I have only inquired, the position is not mine yet, and who knows if it ever will. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will make it back to Chicago sooner than later.

So I finally arrive in Moorhead, ND, check-in to the Marriot Courtyard, and find out they offer room service! Score. Now I just hope I will get some good rest tonight.

Uhm.. then AFTER I order my meal (walleye & potatoes) I get a call back from room service that they are out of walleye, and out of creme brulee. No vegetarian options on the menu. Great. I'll be eating lettuce for dinner. And they call traveling.... "luxurious" .....sighs.....


So@24 said...

Isn't it sad when you suddenly start training your mind to keep a lookout for "great blogging material"?


It happens to me all the time.

Bird * said...

it IS sad.