Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Event: Sushi

I have been thinking a lot about Chicago lately. Obviously. I talk about it all day every day. I can't get over it. I get back there as often as I can, and my big goal for '09 is to move back permanently.

While driving through MN up to Fargo 3 days ago, I stopped by the grocery store and got some sushi to-go.

As I was chowing down on the sushi with Chicago on my mind, I started to reflect on just 2 weekends ago when I was in Chicago and met up with one of my BFF's (you would know because she is #1 on my myspace friends list) and her significant other (whom I was meeting for the first time.) Prior to our "date," I was looking for the perfect restaurant to have dinner on a Saturday night. I searched Zagat, TripAdvisor, TimeOut, etc... and I finally came to the decision that we must make it a sushi night!

Now mind you, my BFF is a sushi fanatic. Everyhing I know about the art of eating sushi, I learned from her.
So, I got to thinking and realized that going for Sushi has become almost an event rather than just ...dinner.... The feeling is different when you know you are going for sushi than it is for ...dinner... the energy is even different over a variety of sushi flavors than just... a steak dinner....Going out for sushi is almost like a special treat and I feel, brings you closer to the people that you enjoy it with.

Of course, I have had the same experiences in the twin cities -going out for sushi on a friday night with the girls, or a surprise sushi date with the boys. No matter the time, place, or company... going for sushi never lets you down, always brings a smile to your face, brings you closer to the ones you are with, and keeps you intrigued.

That night in Chicago just 2 weeks ago with two of my favorite people, and their favorite people turned out to be one of the better nights that I have had in a long time. I hope to have many more nights similar to that one. I was literally lost in the moment, every moment of the evening. I forgot there were people surrounding us and focused on the people I was with and the delicious sushi that we all shared.
Cheers to many more!
For those of you that have not gotten in to sushi as of yet, I recommend you become a part of this social event.....

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