Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If Mr. McDreamy does exist, I am sure he comes in the form of Creme Brulee

Over dessert and a glass of wine at Zeno in Uptown, my mother and I came to the conclusion that if Mr. McDreamy DOES in fact exist, he MUST come in the form of creme brulee. We are convinced that he does not come in the form of a male human being.

So... I admit (anyone who knows me already knows), I have encountere a variety of men in my 26 years, and have heard many great lines. I am not a buyer of bullshit but it seems many men are willing to sell it to me. Here are some of the better lines that have been thrown my way in the last year:

"If my friends were to look at our relationship, they would think it looks too much like a relationship... so we are going to have to stop having sex."

"I do remember Mr. Jim Dundee using a Digery Doo! But since it is 08 and all here is my cell number...."

"want to go to Sonic with me???"

"I'm tall, dark, and my mom says I'm handsome."

"I should have talked to you more in high school!!! lol"

"Do you wanna watch a movie this week??? Can you pay for me too...lol "

"Remember what you got for sweetest Day? .... Morning Gas!"

"happy birthday. Should I get you something???A Cupcake??Thongs??lol "

"So how do my new sexy pics compare to yours. I think they hold thier own. call me sometime, have not heard from you in while, do you hate me or something."

"Hey what’s up? Just one question? I noticed you read the note I sent the other day, you know it was me just being a gentleman to say hi and acknowledge your beauty.Why no reply or just the word thanks? Is that not what a grown woman would do? Im not tryin to be an ass honestly :) "

"Want me to come over?" (at 11 PM?)

That last line is thrown my way at least once a twice a week. What really makes a guy think that I want him to come to my place, occupy my space, and interrupt my "me" time at 11 PM as I am getting ready for bed? Does he think I am going to stay up all night to entertain him? Does he assume that it is ok to just crash at my place? HEY GUYS - if you feel the need to inquire about coming to visit me at my place at 11 PM weeknights OR weekends, know in advance that the answer is: No Thank You.

If Mrs. McDreamy does exist, I am sure she comes in the form of a mannequin.

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