Saturday, May 23, 2009

In and Out

3 dudes. my place my space.
.....Friday night.

And I had planned to spend the weekend alone.....

After being bombarded with guests this weekend, I realize how much I truly value my "me" time.

My recent move to Chicago has attracted two different groups of people back into my life: Friends of mine living in Chicago that I have not seen in 2 years, and Friends in Minneapolis that need a place to stay when they visit Chicago.

Years ago, while working at a salon in Chicago, I became pretty good friends with a few of my guests. One of those friends resurfaced this weekend. He made an appointment and paid a visit to the salon I am currently working in. After cutting his hair, we decided to do dinner and catch up. We ended up at the Earwax Cafe for burgers (black bean), fries, and milkshakes (vegan).... and then over to a Wine Cafe for 2 flights of red wine. We caught up on our lives... work... relationships... friends... dogs... workout regimines... and family. As the night was coming to a perfect end with a good friend, he asked to crash at my place.

What is up with guys that think they can crash at your place just because you went 'out' with them?

You see, the problem is: A. He knew I already had out of town guests this weekend. B. I am not attracted to him in any way, shape, or form (and he knows it). and C. I had just got done telling him about my Mr. McDreamy.

The weekend has progressed. I've got two guys staying with this this weekend... guys who were at one point in time really good friends of mine. They promised the weekend would not be full of gayness, but the weekend HAS been full of flying fucking rainbows, cockrings, inflatable gags, and anal beads. I was promised shopping, and I got International Mr. Leather. I was promised a nice Sushi dinner... but instead, I got dinner with International Mr. Leather.

My friends have changed.
Or maybe... it is me that has changed?

I just know that I opted out of the gay bars last night and stayed home (when I finally got home.) There are 2 guys sleeping (snoring) on my living room floor... still in the clothing they wore out last night... and I hope to play on my own schedule today... instead of waiting around for other people the entire day...........


Nelle said...

Can I borrow some gay friends? hehe

Time does eventually change us all though. It's just strange when you're suddenly hit with the realization.

SassyGirl said...

So what happened to the salon guy? Why did he need to stay with you anyway?

Bird* said...

Nelle - VERY strange. i can't believe i used to hang tough with those guys. . . .

SassyGirl - I sent him home :) lthough, I would have had a better time with thim than the other two.... who left me home alone while they ran around involving themselves in activities I was completely uninterested in.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I hear Chicago is pretty how are you liking it?

x, thanks!

Rick Griffith said...

"They promised the weekend would not be full of gayness, but the weekend HAS been full of flying fucking rainbows, cockrings, inflatable gags, and anal beads."

Lol this made me laugh, I like your writing style sorry about your gay weekend. :)

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