Saturday, May 9, 2009

excess baggage

If you travel at all you know that the airlines are now charging a fee for checked baggage. Quite interesting since this incentivizes all of us who fly to try to avoid checking bags and attempt jam as much in the overhead compartments as possible. Where if they run out of room they will check your bag at no charge....... hmmmmmmmm. As a frequent traveler it amazes me that the airlines need to turn to this "excess."

I seldom am on a flight that is not completely full. While I am lucky enough to avoid most of these fees due to my stature with a couple of airlines..... that and a couple of hundred dollars will get a bag of trail mix..if your lucky.....I most recently traveled with three bags and while I escaped the fee on the first two.. the third bag cost me $100 each time I checked in. I was so frustrated I just left my third bag at my second destination..... it was my golf clubs which certainly deserved to be left behind, but the point is excess baggage can be costly. I know because I too come with some excess baggage. It is part of who I am today and while I certainly comfortable with the "extra fees" that come with it, it certainly can test the patience of those close to me. While I certainly try to leave it behind some times, there are some "trips" where the baggage accompanies me....and I ask for patience from those who it may effect because I do see where it can fill up the overhead compartment . It's part of that obstacle course I spoke of earlier, a course that I am determined to succeed at without the loss of the one I love. So while my bags will always be with me, I know I can be more sensitive on how I "carry on" with them. Everyday I learn and thats why life is so fascinating.

[This is a blog post written by him some few months ago]

He's got baggage. He works a ridiculous amount of hours every week. He's got a son in rehab, and 2 girls he doesn't see often enough. He's is emotional and sensitive.... overwhelmed.

I am certainly not equipped to handle excess baggage, I have tried my best to be patient and supportive... encouraging and compassionate.

It wasn’t good enough

I am suffering. I am in need of a friend. My best friend. And he is gone.... busy.... distracted.

Amazing that my best friend has not been willing or able to be encouraging...supportive... compassionate in my time of need.

Finally,I know what it feels like to be a single girl desparate for attention. Desparate to talk to someone that will listen. Desparate for a hug.

Before I met him, I would have considered myself an independent person... un-emotional.
That has changed.
I trusted him and counted on him. He was always right where I needed him.
He brought out the best in me and is now exposing the worst.

So I find myself back in the pool of "dating." It's sink or swim and I am determined to become a skilled swimmer and an expert diver.


The dating scene is whack. I share with you an e-mail I received via Loopt:

From: Ethan
Subject: My nest

Is where bird will pass out from exhaustion from a strenuous jackhammering of your sultry love orface. My passionate thrusts will only be followed by leaving your angelic face looking like a painters radio

Alluring, isn't it?


Elle said...

Ewe, that e-mail is so creepy.

I'm sorry you're suffering. But remember, you are stronger than you know. And blogs are easily therapy :)! Chin up...there is always a silver lining.

Bird* said...

Elle... CREEPY is right. THANKS for the kind words

Anonymous said...


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