Thursday, May 7, 2009

healthy doggy

According to, the World's longest-living, healthiest dog was a vegetarian. Read more:

[[ According to the Sunday Telegraph, Bramble, living in Bridgewater, Somerset, UK, has just (August 2002) celebrated her 27th birthday, possibly making her the world's oldest living dog and a contender for the "Guiness Book of Records".

How exactly does a dog live to be 189 (in dog years)? - Anne Heritage, 43, describes how Bramble survived at least one near-death-experience right at the outset in February 1977: "The day after we brought her home, the [New Quay rescue centre] kennels flooded and the other dogs drowned," says Ms. Heritage. "So she's been incredibly lucky."

Aside from luck, Bramble's secret to longevity is a vegetarian diet. Ms. Heritage is a vegan and has brought up her pooch on the same diet regime she herself follows.

"She has a big bowl of rice, lentils and organic vegetables every evening," says Ms. Heritage.

In addition to healthy eating, exercise is a must. Last year while recovering from a back injury from a fall, which doctors said could have paralyzed her, Bramble began taking swimming lessons at a canine hydrotherapy pool in Stolford. She now enjoys a a half an hour at a canine hydrotherapy pool, where Anne's partner Roy Franklin takes her weekly on Fridays..

She's still alert and active and goes for a walk four times a day. ]]

go veg.

♥peace, love, & lentils.

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