Thursday, April 23, 2009

Six Degrees Of Separation

When I was a small girl, still playing board games and Barbies, the Ouija Board always promised that I would eventually marry a guy named Troy.

Just a few years ago, I met a guy named Troy, who at the time was in a relationship. When that relationship proved failure, Troy and I "hooked up." [I have no intention on marrying Troy, and we are no longer "hooked."]

Troy resides in the Logan Square, a community located on the northwest side of Chicago.

I just recently moved to the Logan Square neighborhood and live on North Troy Street.

In Minnesota, there is no shortage of Co-Op Grocery stores to shop at. In fact, within a 5 mile radius of my place there, I had 2 Co-Op Grocery stores to choose from.

Logan Square will soon be home to the only Co-Op Grocery store in Chicago.

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ceecee said...

Um, *smiling* that is VERY. INTERESTING.

PS - I used to love the Ouija Board...