Tuesday, April 21, 2009

exposed. completely.... and i brought it upon myself.

On May 6th I watched Slumdog Millionaire ....again. On May 7th @ 5:07 AM CT I was boarding a flight to San Juan. I have a strong passion for my profession with interest in educating others, at the same time allowing myself to continue my growth as a person and a professional stylist & facilitator. I do not watch TV. I graduated from South Side High School in 2001. I need to read A New Earth Again. One of my favorite quotes: "...the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous."-Carrie, Sex and the City.I am a Redken Certified Haircolorist and I work at Aniko Salon. Vegan Girls Taste Better, Beach Babes, Shoe Addicts Unite, and Pandora are a few of the groups I have joined. I voted for Barack Obama.I exist in a world that exceeds my surroundings. Raw food, recycling, skinny bitches, high heels, lip gloss, world news, music, traveling, mascara, creme brulee, bling, flirting, skinny pants, converse, W Hotels, Chicago, amazon.com, and good books are a few things that interest me. Rude, mellow, organized, unpredictable, shameless, bizarre, gentle, curious, versatile, and approachable are a few words that I would use to describe myself. I am a fan of Shades EQ and Sam Villa.I read City Magazine. Duluth, Maui, the Caribbean, New York, and LA are among many of the places I visited last year. I attended the Redken Symposium. The next time I visit Atlanta, I will have dinner at Il Localino. I have attended the Summit Salon Business College. I gave 5out of 5 stars for the Ice Wine @ Rum Jungle.

As long as sites like Myspace, Facebook, Linked-In, and Yelp exist, none of this information is secret. Model Mayhem and Twitter, Classmates and Tumblr. TripAdvisor and Blogspot. Our lives have been posted to the WWW via social networking site after social networking site for the whole world to see.

Just recently I met a new friend. Within 24 hours of meeting this person, she found me on 5 different social networking sites, 3 of which I do not update regularly. The only way to feel was Exposed. slightly Violated. and Embarassed. I was excited about the opportunity to create a new first impression for myself, but I was never allowed that opportunity. I have portrayed myself in such a way that could be interpreted so many different ways. I will never know what runs through a persons mind as they discover page after page of status updates, personal information, and profile pictures of myself.
It's time to make a choice: Do I continue to maintain profiles on all of these various sites? Do I continue to accept friend requests by people I don't even know? Do I continue to join groups whose forums I don't even visit? Do I continue to update a profile page that is viewed mostly by people I don't even like?
OR.... have I outgrown this?
All of a sudden, I would prefer to have a conversation face-to-face with my colleagues rather than e-mail via Facebook.
All of a sudden, I am not interested in updating a profile which is viewed mostly by people that I went to high school with.
All of a sudden, I would prefer to keep personal moments captured by film to myself rather than sharing with people that will never know the story behind the image.
All of a sudden, I seek mind stimulation rather than gossip material.
All of a sudden, I simply don't have time.


insomniaclolita said...

I think it finally comes to the point that you see all the fun things in social networking sites can be pointless. I kinda feel it right now. I feel like shutting my facebook so many times but I cant because my job requires me to associate with a lot of people :(

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

LOL 5 different social networks? She added you to all of them? She should have picked one! I'd delete a couple that I don't check. xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

dw.bg said...

so good! you've completely validated why i am not on myspace or facebook, and have never done anything resembling a tweet. people tend to look at me like i'm crazy or archaic when i tell them as much...

so far behind i'm ahead!

Bird* said...

insomniacloita: isn't it amazing how facebook has become a site used in/for the workplace?? 90% of my co-workers are on facebook and they would have ill-feelings toward me if I did not accept all of their friend requests. but quite honestly, i don't want any of my co-workers to be my facebook friends~

Cari: yes, 5. i'm surprised there were not more. i instantly started logging in to be sure my profiles only had information i am currently comfortable with. remember, some of these have not been updated in a looong time.

dw.bg: don't do it! stay out of it! it's a vicious world ...that facebook and myspace.

ceecee said...

I think it should be fun when we do a lot of social networking, especially if it doesn't relate to work. I know a few people who use social networking to get things done at the office.

If you don't have time, then you shouldn't keep your profile open for those who do know your or don't to see. If it feels like a "job" to keep those sites up to date, then you shouldn't have them...

Yves said...

omg, so true. There is waaaay to much information online about you (and others). The days of making your own first impression are gone.


You should narrow it down to like the ones that are most important, and delete the others. i went through exactly the same thing.