Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clean & Green ....not just because it was Earth Day.

Yesterday was Earth Day. A day to continue thinking about creating a new earth, putting an end to global warming, reducing our pollution, recycling, taking our health back into our own hands.

*deeeeeeep breath*

Just recently, I noticed a flyer hanging out of my mailbox. It was originally hand-written and had obviously been copied. It read:

Chicago's Clean & Green
Help Our Neighborhood
This Saturday is our Wards Clean Up
April 25 2009
Let's make our neighborhood more attractive. Keep it Clean and Green. Lend a hand to sweep up the accumulated litter and trash of winter on our block.
Bring your shovels and brooms. We will supply the bags.
We will meet at 10AM.

Time to step up to the plate and DO something to make the world a better place.
Huffo Post On how becoming a Vegetarian has potential to save the Earth.

The Raw Divas say that it doesn't matter if it's diabetes or cancer or arthritis or asthma... People change their lives every day by changing the food they put in their mouth. Getting people to transition toward a vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet is without question the fastest way to improve the environmental conditions on this planet.
Not just for the obvious reasons related to waste, consumption and toxic overload, but because when you improve the health of the people on this planet--when you inspire them enough to believe that they can thrive, they'll start doing a lot more to make sure that future generations can, too.

The Guide Girls The hilariously creepy duo puts on the hot (their word, not mine) for online instructisodes that teach people how to lead more ecofriendly lifestyles.

Dig N’ Swap is the easiest and fun way to swap fashionable clothing and accessories with people who share your passion for fashion.

Urban Fox provides Dainty burlesque-inspired undies and tops made of bamboo and organic cotton blends.

No Impact Man wrote an open-discussion blog about our purpose on this Earth.
To celebrate Earth Day and our beloved planet, Evite and your favorite BRAVO celebrities have created these exclusive invitations to help you get eco-friendly for your next party.

Up on the Roof A lofty idea is blossoming in cities around the world, where acres of potential green space lie overhead.
Make Juice Not War. Take the Adventure Cleanse with me and the gang. DO IT.
♥peace. love. raw foods. and green grass.♥

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