Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis The Season

The holidays are a time of year for bright lights, bling bling, snow-topped trees (and cars), glitteratti, gift wrap, overwhelmingly large ribbons and bows, ice skating, shopping, and gift giving. Oh, and ...pumpkin pie.
Gift-giving is by far my favorite part of the holidays (the EXACT reason there will be no Hannukah celebrating for me this year.) I equally enjoy wrapping paper (and bling.) Despite my previous anxiety over the fact that "thoughtful" gifts can be quite challenging to 'think of', I have made my final decisions and am confident in the gifts that I am gifting this year.

Although gift-giving is much more important to me than receiving, I need you to refer back to my Christmas List. There are important updates to share. (updates are hi-lited in red)

My Official 2008 Christmas List:

  • a remote car starter ( updates at this time)
  • The Little Mermaid II (I purchased this for myself - could not wait!!)
  • A new mobile phone (anything but a blackberry. must have GPS) (CHECK...100% sold on the iPhone. I have gotten wind that I will be receiving some $$ towards my new iPhone ..thx mom!)
  • a gift certificate to MAC (this was a just in case kinda thing... a girl can always use more MAKEUP!)
  • a new bed frame ( no updates)
  • a blingin watch (I am ALWAYS looking for a watch that outblings my current one) (i just received a new watch for my birthday. gucci. out-blings the DKNY's that I'm always rockin....)
  • a filing cabinet from West Elm (CHECK. i am staring at an un-assembled filing cabinet sitting in the middle of my living room... thx dad)
  • book shelves from West Elm (CHECK. 250$ GC to West Elm arrived in the mail. whoppee!)
  • for my (new) car to be fixed because someone backed in to it last night!! GC to the auto body shop? (...yeah... my car still sits with a slight amount of damage. makes me sick to my stomach to think about.)
  • OR a vacation home in Bora Bora ((drool)) (yeah... no updates... maybe that will be the grande finale surprise.)
Did I mention the rice cooker and pots & pans that Santa will be leaving under the tree for me?

Originally, I created my Christmas list as a joke...

On a more serious note, here are a few items that I would like to add to my Holiday slash Everyday List:

  • The diminishment of all ego
  • A world full of vegans
  • A new perspective
  • Wisdom
  • Children Who Behave (other peoples children -of COURSE my children would be angels)
  • Parents who discipline
  • Alternate identities
  • Freedom from guilt and regret
  • Every day to be a vacation day
  • One of everything
  • World Peace
  • a 6 pack
  • Vegan Dog Food


xox. Bird*


sam said...

thats a lot of gifts. =(

So@24 said...

I wasn't allowed to watch The Little Mermaid. Ariel showed too much cleavage.

PS. I just got your comment about atheism. You seem rattled, Bird! I plan on writing a post on this soon... stay tuned!

benediction said...

My children ALWAYS behave.....

What is West Elm? I'm too lazy to google...

Bird * said...

And PS. I apologize for not linking you to West Elm website earlier. It was a mistake, and I will never let it happen again.

Bird * said...

benediction: west elm is a home goods type store, similar to Pier One or Crate & Barrel.