Friday, December 5, 2008

Fly, Birdie, Fly

Driving home from work tonight I could feel my body tense... uncomfortable. The snow is thick, the roads are slick, and traffic is slow. I felt unsafe. I could not get home soon enough. Due to my recent car accident, I trust no one. Not even myself.

Although the snow is dangerous to drive in, and causes life to slow down, it IS beautiful. Tonight, even as I stare out my window now, the snow is still falling.

As I was walking the dog this evening, up above, I noticed a flock of Black Birds all gathered in the naked, snow-tipped trees. There were hundreds of them. Every few moments, they would all at once fly out of the trees causing a commotion and find a new tree to gather in. As I looked above to watch the birds, the snowflakes were dropping right in to my eyes wide open. As I blinked them off, it was hard to keep my eyes open to watch the activity of the birds. I had a camera ready to take pictures of these black birds that had become an instant fascination. Unfortunately, I could only capture the white snowflakes. The blackness of the birds blended in with the dark sky up above.

The dog was oblivious to the swarming birds and the commotion they were causing. He was busy creating the first footprints in the snow and pushing his face through the fluffy snow. When he finally lifted his head out of the snow, it was completely covered in the white fluffy mess. Was pretty cute.

As the pooch was taking care of his business, I heard a noise. ::PLOP:: I looked up and realized that I was standing directly underneathe a bare tree filled with birds. I looked down, closely at the mess that had plopped down on to the wet groud and realized that it was bird poo. Close call - as I was only standing a few inches from where the poo had plopped.

Right then, I knew it was time to get back inside where we are safe. From the slickness of the snow. The bitter coldness against my face. And the plopping of bird poo up and down the street.

Although the air was bitter cold... it was refreshing. And, I have yet to de-cipher my fascination with birds....

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