Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear, Loved Ones

Dear Mikey,

Thank you for being openly excited and willing to fly to Minneapolis simply to help me move to Chicago. Unfortunately, my friendships with big strong (gay) men have all gone to shit which has left a little bit of NOBODY to help lift furniture.
I know you will enjoy your first flight out of the Fort Wayne International Airport that consists of only 6 gates. You will be sure to find your way around, no problem. I am almost positive you would have been upgraded had there been a First Class cabin on your flight. Take drugs and chew gum on the plane, I can guarantee it will be a shitty flight.
Please do not bring your gun, it will not pass security. Don't bring any cigarettes either. If you smoke, I will get grossed out and make you sleep on the floor.
I look forward to seeing you as long as we don't have to discuss politics and religion. We will NEVER see eye-to-eye on either of these subjects, so why debate? Big Daddy looks forward to meeting you as well... er... as long as you handle yourself with politeness and tact.
OK. So, honestly, we are nervous. Will you please move boxes and keep quiet next weekend?
See you early Thursday morning.
♥ Love, Your Sister a.k.a Baby Girl

Dear Big Daddy,
I freakin' love you man. You've always got my back.
THANK YOU for your support.
THANK YOU for your help (ALL of it.)
THANK YOU for being you.
THANK YOU for an amazing friendship.
THANK YOU (in advance) for putting up with my family. You will be a great inspiration to my brother, and a form of entertainment to my mother.

♥ Love, Your BFF

Dear Mom,
Thank you for passing on the Shopping Gene. We can both celebrate the fact that the shopping scene in Chicago does not suck.
I know how often you like to go shopping - which tells me how often you will be in Chi. visitng. Thank goodness I am renting a 2 bedroom place with an off-street parking spot (for the Benz.) If you come too often, I may have to charge you rent.
What goes on while shopping stays between you and I. Never will we reveal how much money we actually spend... ok? (Not that I have anyone to answer to, but I know you do.)
See you on Friday (don't forget to stop by Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries.)
♥ Love, Your Beautiful Daughter

Dear Daddy,
Thank you for helping me move 8 times in the last 8 years whether it be across the street or across the country.
You're off the hook this time. Instread, I have recruited your son.
I look forward to being close enough to come home for the holidays again. I can even bring BJ!! (Maybe a boy??)
See you Easter Weekend.
I love you daddy,
♥ Crista


Cookie Monster said...

Hope you have a smoooooth move, and a great start in our new Job in Chicago! :)

Cheryl said...

I'm up there with Cookie Monster. Hope you have a smooth move! Chicago's going to be aweeesome!

soundofsilent said...


I just stumbled across your blog. Moving to Chicago? Welcome!

Rice Candy said...

I liked the pictures you used for this post. And good luck with everything.